Nate from U.S.A. March 2013

I could go on for hours and hours about my experience with DDS Dental / Dr Prada, but I was told I only have 2 paragraphs, so here goes.  To put things into context, I’m a 31 year old male, who doesn’t have an issue with traveling, for any reason.  When I first learned that my chopped tooth and delayed cleanings would cost me $14,500 AFTER insurance reimbursement, I immediately started searching for a better option.  A friend of mine told me they have a dentist in their family in Costa Rica.  I immediately started my extensive research into “dental tourism”. I reviewed every possible country and every possible dentist. All of the reviews and forums kept pointing me Costa Rica, and DDS dental in particular. I called them that day and immediately had every single piece of information I needed to make a well informed decision;  I was heading to a country I’ve never been to have tons of dental work done!  Naturally, I was greeted with skepticism and negativity from friends and family, and honestly, they were just looking out for my best interest.  Boy were they wrong.   Dr Prada and his staff are like nothing you will find in the US, period.  Have you ever had an entire dentist office waiting on you hand and foot?  Have you ever had your dentist arrange transportation for you to and from his office, TWICE?  These are the types of things that really set them, apart from us.

Long story (somewhat) short, I had a zirconium bridge installed, 2 root canals, and a zirconium crown placed. What would have cost me $14,500 at a very well know dentist office in the states (they run commercials daily), ended up costing me $3,200.  Not only was the price a FRACTION of what I was quoted here, Dr Prada was extremely accurate in his estimates.  I was not hit with any surprise fees or last minute up-charges.  I provided him with X-rays a few months before arriving and he was able to tell me exactly what I needed and how much it would cost, to the exact dollar.     He is a great guy, speaks perfect English, and never once made me feel uncomfortable during my “Dental Olympics” as he called it!  He rearranged his schedule to make everything work in my limited time in Costa Rica.  What normally takes 2 weeks (bridge and crown), he did in a 5 days.

Okay sorry, third paragraph.  Fast forward – It has now been almost one year since my visit.  Everything is still in place and I’ve had zero issues with any of his work.  Not only did my whole experience turn out to be quite an amazing one, I have also convinced family and friends to seek out his expertise.   I have also begun the legwork to visit him again in a couple months to have all of my old fillings replaced.  No way I’m going to spend $4,000 here in the states to have it done.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the most important part.  COSTA RICA IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Thank you so much Dr Prada and your amazing staff!! I’m extremely grateful that I was pointed in your direction to help me with my dental nightmare. Was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Fabrizio from U.S.A. May, 2012

Dr. Prada and Dr. Carranza have shown the highest level of professionalism and operate with the best standard in the dental industry. Top of the line equipment and skill make their office as good, if not better, than the best dental practices in the USA.

Both trained in the USA (Tufts University in Boston and University of Louisiana), they are prepared and trained to tackle all aspects of dental care. I had a crown and veneers made by their lab and the results make me very happy, the quality of the work performed exceeded my expectations.
Although we like to call this new trend: “Dental Tourism”; I would like to think of it as “Going to a great dentist”.

Going to Costa Rica from Miami takes less than 3 hours, their clinic is across the street from a very posh hotel that will send a free van to pick you up at the airport. Obviously, if you only need a filling or two, going to Costa Rica may not be cost effective; but if you are looking at more extensive work you will find that the savings are very substantial, including your trip and all meals and taxes.

DDS of Costa Rica deserves my recommendation as a great practice that will serve you at very competitive prices.

Barbara from U.S.A. February, 2012

When my husband had an implant done a few years ago I was shocked at the price and the length of time it took to complete.  Last May I was told that a 36 year old root canal had fractured beneath my gum and an abscess was developing:  I needed an implant.  The extent of the work, the cost and my own dental phobia kept me from doing anything until I had a serious problem.  The price estimate from the local dentist was well beyond the price my husband had paid only two years earlier.  I set about looking for an alternative and was advised to contact Dr. Prada and Dr. Gonzalez.  In spite of the doubters who were amazed that I at the age of 71 years old, would travel alone to Costa Rica for dental surgery, I contacted DDS Dental and was graciously accepted.  Dr. Gonzalez agreed to do (in one step) what the local dentist wanted to do over several months.  I flew to Costa Rica in July of 2011 and had the extraction, bone graft and placement of the implant done in one painless visit.  When I returned the following February I had the implant crown done along with another that had cracked in the interim and had to be replaced.  The total cost probably turned out to be close to what I would have paid here at home but I would have missed two wonderful visits to Coast Rica…That is right: the two flights, the hotels and the dental work added up a little LESS than the estimate my dentist had given, but there is no comparison to the atmosphere in which I “recovered”.  Costa Rica is beautiful in July and in February and my daughters turned the trips into mini vacations by joining me to get to know this lovely country.  Dr. Prada and Dr. Gonzalez were kind and efficient and their office assistants were always attentive.  Everyone spoke excellent English.  I would highly recommend the doctors DDS Dental to anyone!

Brad from U.S.A. May, 2012

After having 11 teeth extracted and 9 implants placed at UCLA for severe periodontal disease, I decided to treat myself to a new smile by having crowns put on my 14 top and lower front teeth. My front teeth had either old crowns or were severely discolored and damaged. I had heard that there were a few highly trained and talented dentists in San Jose Costa Rica. We used our medical network to search out the best. Dr. Prada’s name came up at the top of the list. I went to his clinic and was delighted to meet an energetic, personable and talented doctor. He immediately addressed all dental and medical issues and offered to consult with all my UCLA doctors. We agreed that the work would take 2 weeks and he kept to that schedule. Dr. Prada worked in a highly organized and efficient manner. He monitored me constantly for any pain and I was comfortable throughout the procedures. He was kind, caring and very much human throughout the process. Dr. Prada is a rare discovery in beautiful Costa Rica. He trained in the United States but brought his outstanding talents and education back to his beloved country. Dr. Prada’s Clinic manager M. Fernanda Herrero was extremely kind and helpful throughout the process. She immediately answered all international calls, all of my questions, set up appointments weeks in advance, and she arranged for my 2 week stay in a fully equipped apartment situated in a first class reasonably priced hotel across the street from the clinic with free international phone calls. Needless to say I highly recommend Dr. Prada and his clinic for world class Dentistry. I also recommend Dr. Prada to my patients who are amazed at my new Hollywood smile.

Richard from U.S.A. April, 2012

I was in need of dental work and kept putting it off because of the expense. A friend recommended Dr. Prada and Dr. Gonzalez in San Jose, Costa Rica. I started emailing Dr. Prada, who set up a time frame and recommended hotel accommodations. I flew to Costa Rica in February and was greeted with 78°F temperature, no humidity or bugs. The dental clinic is located in Escazu, the nicer part of San Jose. I found not  only first class care from Dr, Prada who received post graduate training at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, but also personalized attention from his staff, all at bargain prices.  I was introduced to Dr. Anibal Gonzalez, who studied dentistry at Baylor University in Texas. The two dentists, set up a treatment plan identical to what a California dentist had suggested, but at one third the cost.

During the treatment, I met Dr. Paola Carranza, who studied dentistry at Tufts University in Boston. Dr. Carranza did the root canal, Dr. Gonzalez took care of the extractions and bone graft and Dr. Prada did the crown work, the fittings and partials.  All the doctors spoke perfect English and treated me as if I were special. I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the dental work and the whole experience. I’m a happy man!

Kathleen from USA. July, 2009.

In Dr. Prada’s eyes, I sensed sincere determination and passion to make me the perfect dentures.

When I first met Dr. Prada, I was at the bottom of the bottom. I had been used up by American dentists so much so they wouldn’t even touch me any more since they had done as much damage as possible with failed procedure after procedure over eight years. And together, they collaborated that it was my fault that I had allowed them to eventually pull all my teeth while they shared my life’s savings and left me desperate. Of course the U.S. doctors did not intentionally cause me harm, but they seemed so insensitive and uncaring about the outcome. It was business that went wrong, simply business.. .and I did not know what to do or know where to turn? I was completely lost since the doctors told me there was no longer any hope to fix me or stop the non-stop, almost unbearable pain from my mal-occlusion. There were no testimonials or directions to guide me – only one last desperate try for the miracle that could save a once very attractive woman who was in her mid 40′s but looked ten years older without teeth. I was too violated, too, driven and too proud to give up, so I took one last chance and flew to Costa Rica on the red-eye from San Francisco — totally fearful and alone.

When I first met Dr. Prada, I felt like a wounded animal who trusted no one, yet somehow he seemed different — like maybe he cared, like maybe it was not about the money, like maybe he really wanted to help me make my dream of getting a fixed, removable denture come true — so I could eat again and just as importantly, so I could smile and laugh again. Some say it’s easier to smile than frown, but for me it was the opposite because I could not open my mouth and expose the nightmare that haunted me. In Dr. Prada’s eyes, I sensed sincere determination and passion to make me the perfect dentures. His hands were gentle, his touch was caring and his words were encouraging. And I soon learned his tools were state of- the-art, his education was extensive and his experience was vast when it came to the challenging problem of how to create the functional dentures that could work with my very ‘limited base of implants since there was no longer any chance of adding more bone.

Finally, the day came: my dentures were ready — so skillfully created only minor adjustments were necessary. My perfect dentures fit like a glove and my hope to have permanent, functional dentures was no longer an impossible dream, it was an improbable reality! How does one say thanks for a dream come true? One can only explain the truth about what happened and say I now believe it could atso happen for you. Of course, the price was right, but what I gained was priceless. I can now do what I thought I could never do – speak more clearly, eat solid food and smile, smile, smile! And I can now do my secret dream – to sing in my church choir.

This is my story and my testimonial about Dr. Prada and his staff- one so personal and so involved I believed it could never be told, but I will tell you it is true and if you want to call me I will tell you more. Thank you Dr. Prada for helping me as if you were helping your family. Thank you for doing something that many professionals have forgotten how or never knew how to do: CARE, really care that the job is done right and giving all you have to try to make it so. Do I believe in miracles? Maybe I do now, but I do know for sure I will always believe in both of you! My phone number is: 510-601-6211.

Ron from Dallas, Texas. July, 2009

I accessed the USA Consulate site in search of a Dentist and found Dr. Prada’s name.

I was visiting Costa Rica for the fifth time and determined it to be a place where I would establish part time residence. During my visit I chip a tooth which became very uncomfortable. I accessed the USA Consulate site in search of a Dentist and found Dr. Prada’s name. I called and made an appointment and was very surprise and sincerely impressed with the service they offered from coordinating my appointment schedule, to hotels recommendations and more.

I found his office to be immaculate and his staff to be extremely professional. During my initial consultation with I was impressed with the doctor’s exemplary manner and professional treatment. Dr. Prada did an overall outstanding job on repairing my tooth and actually employed some techniques that I have never experienced that totally eliminated any discomfort during the treatment.

I have become a patient for life and my son flew down for dental work. We now consider Dr. Prada as are primary dentist even though we live in Dallas, Texas. I would be remiss if I did not mention the cost was far below what stateside dentist charge.

When I tell most of my friends about my dentist in Costa Rica they have one thing in mind, to visit Costa Rica and request dental work from Dr. Prada.