What is a tailored smile design?

What is a tailored smile design 2

A tailored smile design is a process in which you get a total smile enhancement. The complete appearance of your teeth improves, giving you a life-changing effect through a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure. The goal is to improve the whole appearance of the smile, gums, and teeth, creating a harmonic design according to each […]

What is the best dental procedure if I want to improve the appearance of my teeth?

procedure if I want to improve the appearance of my teeth

Everybody is different and may need different approaches to enhance the smile. First, you should look for a qualified restorative dentist with experience in cosmetic dentistry. Therefore, the professional can evaluate your situation and provide options according to your desires and possibilities. After a meticulous clinical exam that includes photographs, X-rays, and an intraoral scan, […]

What are crowns and veneers?

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Dental crowns and veneers are not only to enhance the appearance of your smile; there are some other benefits they have that improve your general health. If you have recently gotten crowns or veneers or are considering getting them,  you must take care of them properly to prolong their longevity. Here are some of their […]

What is an all-on-4?

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All-on-4 is an innovative dental procedure that provides a functional and long-lasting solution for patients with multiple missing teeth or needing full arch reconstruction. The procedure involves the placement of four dental implants in the jawbone that work as anchors to support a fixed dental bridge. One of the significant benefits of All-on-4 is that […]