What is a tailored smile design 2

What is a tailored smile design?

A tailored smile design is a process in which you get a total smile enhancement. The complete appearance of your teeth improves, giving you a life-changing effect through a cosmetic or restorative dental procedure.

The goal is to improve the whole appearance of the smile, gums, and teeth, creating a harmonic design according to each person’s facial features.

A prosthodontist or a restorative cosmetic dentist is a professional qualified to perform this kind of procedure, and each smile design is different for every patient.  To perform a tailored smile design, we have to consider some of the characteristics of the patient’s face, how the teeth display when they smile or talk, teeth proportions, shape, and color.

Nowadays, with the help of technology, we can use software that analyzes images, giving us a virtual representation of the smile.

This design intends to show the patient how they will look before starting the procedure. Moreover, the predictability is greatly enhanced, and the dentist and patient can clearly understand the expected outcome before any treatment is performed. This allows better communication with the patient and more accurate treatment planning.

Finally, the goal is to design a beautiful smile that gives you back confidence and brings happiness to your daily life in every social interaction.